This Man Could Be the World’s Best Latte Artist

This Man Could Be the World’s Best Latte ArtistThis Man Could Be the World’s Best Latte Artist
A Malaysian barista took home the winning trophy at the 2019 World Latte Art Battle using the design he perfected for months.
The 21-year-old barista, Irvine Quek Siew Lhek, scored 10 points higher than South Korean Kim Young Jin with a total score of 73, according to Malay Mail.
The competition, which was organized by World Coffee Battle, took place in Seoul, South Korea last weekend.
Quek won the competition using the design he created called “Bear ‘n Fish.”
He said he spent “almost 3 months to develop just one pattern for the first time, try to perfect every single details of this pattern and to make it more realistic and impactful.”
Quek was also the winner of the World Latte Art Championship organized by World Coffee Events in Brazil last year, Says reported.
“Get the world champion title in a same day but different year, After 365 days and I’m back to the stage again,” he said in his Instagram post. “It’s was a very tough time for me and it’s full of stress in the period of preparation, glad that I made it and I feel so happy to all of the people who supported me and I’m happy that I didn’t disappoint you all.”
“WLAC was back to the street and I made it! Feel honoured to be with the best of the best on the same stage, you guys are awesome and you guys are always my inspiration,” Quek added.
In order to pursue his passion in latte art, Quek had to drop out of high school five years ago.
“I just wanted to participate in competitions to prove my ability,” he said during an interview with Coffee T&I in June.
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