K-Pop Fans Enraged After EXO Members are Attacked By Laser Pointers at Macau Concert

Fans of K-pop supergroup EXO expressed outrage over laser pointer “attacks” the band members experienced during a concert in Macau.

Footage of such an incident taken during the concert emerged online on Saturday, infuriating many fans who cited the potential harm laser pens can do to the human eye.

In the video, EXO members can be seen with laser marks on their face and forehead.

The hashtag “#SM_Protect_Your_Singers” which criticized the alleged poor security management during the event, soon became a trending topic on social media.

To emphasize their point that the lasers are harmful, fans uploaded other photos in which the members were allegedly protecting their own eyes.

One fan even lamented the size of the laser pen, noting that it was “as big as a 500 won coin.”

AllKpop collected some of the comments from fans condemning the act.

“Imagine buying tickets for a concert (they’d have to be pretty good, expensive ones), buying a laser pen, traveling all the way to the concert and back – going through all of this effort for a group they supposedly ‘hate’ just to do this??” one netizen wrote.

“Sick in the head. hope sm and the coordinators could protect them more,” an EXO fan expressed.

“Why the hell would anyone pay good money for concert tickets just to do something like this?! Pity Security didn’t catch them.” said another commenter.  

In response to the fans’ criticisms, organizers of the concert announced a stricter rule on security, noting that only essential items will be allowed inside the venue for the group’s future performances.

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