‘This is your Asian family’: Wine-holding woman calls her ‘Asian kids’ during racist rant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Karen
  • A woman allegedly told a Chinese mother and daughter to “go back to [their own]country” during a physical confrontation at a hotel in Las Vegas.
  • The alleged assailant, who was filmed holding a wine glass in the hotel’s parking lot, used her “Asian kids” to justify her behavior.
  • Hotel management has yet to reveal the identity of the woman in the video after the victims reported the incident.

A woman was caught on video calling her “children” and telling them “this is your Asian family” during a racist rant in a Las Vegas hotel parking lot.

The video, posted by TikTok user @peachmegladon on Dec. 31, 2021, shows an unidentified woman getting physical with the person trying to film her after she allegedly assaulted them during a confrontation in the parking lot, The Daily Dot reported.

@peachmegladonThis racist assaulted me TWICE and refused to tell us her name. Pls share and spread #karen #karensgoingwild #racist #lasvegas #YerAWizard #fyp #NV♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

Although @peachmegladon did not provide details about the events prior to the filming of the video, the TikTok user wrote in their video’s caption that the woman attacked them twice.

“Rabid Karen was verbally harassing my mom and I at our hotel, calling us Asian b*****s who should [go] back to our country,” the video’s on-screen text reads. “Then she assaulted me twice trying to take my phone.”

The alleged assailant, who can be seen holding a wine glass, then exits into the parking lot. She takes out her phone and calls her child, who she claims to be Asian. 

“This is your family. Your Asian family,” the woman says in the video. “This is your mother and father.” When asked by the victims what she is talking about, the woman suddenly screams, “My f*cking kids are Asian!”

The mother and daughter follow the woman around the parking lot and continue filming her. At one point during the confrontation, the unidentified assailant sits on a bench and asks them to get away from her. She starts yelling again when they refuse to leave her alone.

A man who is believed to be part of the hotel staff approaches the woman and asks what is going on, to which she replies, “I was just reading, and these guys are harassing me.”

You need to leave me alone,” she continues saying to the mother and daughter. “I am done with this.” She then threatens to call “corporate.”

I need you guys to leave me alone. My child is Asian,” she says before the video cuts off.

In the video’s comments section, @peachmegladon said the hotel was very helpful during the investigation of the incident; however, the woman in the video has yet to be identified.

Our hotel was extremely helpful in looking into this,” the user wrote. “They were nice and said they do not tolerate this behavior as they reviewed their footage.”

The TikTok user also shared another video in which they can be heard requesting the employee who intervened to ask for the unidentified woman’s name. One user in the comment section pointed out that the employee did not fulfill his job when the mother and daughter asked for his help.

Yes, that was a whole issue,” @peachmegladon wrote in their reply. “The security’s manager said he breached parts of his job in this incident.”

When asked if the man in the video knows the alleged assailant’s name, the user wrote, “Not sure,” adding that he “couldn’t even answer me yes or no if he ended up getting her name. Working with the hotel.”

The incident was re-shared by @auntkaren0, a popular TikTok channel with over 1.6 million followers that highlights similar encounters, to call out the woman in the video for her racist remarks.

@auntkaren0#greenscreen #racist #karen #tdwhbwwh #asian #viral #newyear #stopasianhate #vegas #lasvegas #news #awareness♬ original sound – TikTok’s Favorite Karen

Just because you adopt or have children that are Asian does not mean you are incapable of being racist,” @auntkaren0 said in the video.

Featured Image via @peachmegladon

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