American Woman Asks Thai Netizens For Help to Find Her Dead Uncle’s Long Lost Love

American Woman Asks Thai Netizens For Help to Find Her Dead Uncle’s Long Lost Love
Ryan General
January 23, 2017
A dying American man’s final wish was to find his lost love: a woman he met in Thailand during the Vietnam War.
But while he already missed the chance of finding his beloved before he passed away, his niece has vowed to continue the search for him, Coconuts Bangkok reported. Her uncle, Larry Fravel, was a soldier stationed at U-Tapao air base in Rayong in Thailand during the war in the 60s.
According to the Thai Facebook page Roads Go Ever On, the war veteran’s niece has sought help to find the Thai woman. The page published a photo of the beautiful woman in the arms of Fravel, both in their much younger years.
Taken around 1962-1972, the shared image was reportedly the only memory Fravel had of his lost love when he was forced to go back to the U.S.
The soldier would then live most of his years living his life alone in America. Much later in his life, Fravel showed the photograph to his family, revealing that he regretted his decision of not staying in Thailand and marrying his love.
When he died, Fravel’s niece went on a mission to locate the woman by sharing the photograph, hopefully to let the woman know that the former young soldier thought of her until his last breath.
Roads Go Ever On has asked its followers for help, seeking any information which might lead to the Thai woman. The page urged anyone to contact them so they could help her connect with Fravel’s family.
With almost 11,000 shares since it was posted a week ago, Thai netizens are eager to help find Fravel’s love.
According to an update on the Facebook page, there was an old woman who claimed that she was Fravel’s lost love and even showed them photos of herself with a young soldier, but sadly, it was a different GI and not Fravel.
As of this writing, however, the mysterious missing Thai lover has yet to be found.
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