High End Mall in the Philippines Exposed Online For Horrific Work Environment

High End Mall in the Philippines Exposed Online For Horrific Work EnvironmentHigh End Mall in the Philippines Exposed Online For Horrific Work Environment
Ryan General
March 22, 2018
An applicant of a popular mall in Makati City, Philippines, decided not to pursue a job she applied for after witnessing the condition of the facilities its management provides for its workers.
Image via Facebook/jennifermaranon
In a Facebook rant that has since gone viral locally, Jennifer Marañon lamented the mind-boggling state of the comfort rooms and other employee areas at The Landmark, a popular mall in Metro Manila.
According to Marañon, the areas for the employees suffer from an unavoidable stench, flooded floors,  dilapidated restrooms, torn down ceilings and other obvious signs of neglect.
She noted how the stench emanating from the toilets fill the women’s locker room as their unkempt comfort room is situated inside it.
Marañon included numerous photos that seemed to have been taken straight from a gory horror movie.
In her post, she explained that she wanted to expose the workplace’s sorry state because of the workers who may be too afraid to lose their jobs if they speak out for themselves.
Check out the men’s area:
Men’s restroom
Here is the women’s area:
Interestingly, the other areas of the building are clean, well-lit and look posh:
Image via Facebook/Landmark
In an interview with NextShark, Marañon said that when she reported what she saw to the company human resources, an officer claimed the area was properly inspected by Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the country’s labor agency.
However, when she called the DOLE office, Marañon was told that she was the first person to report about the irregularities of the site.
Outside, the mall doesn’t look too shabby at all
“I’m just concerned with the employees who work at Landmark because their situation is really unacceptable,” Marañon said. “The management is very strict with their employees but they do not use the same high standards for their facilities. If they care enough to think about the welfare of their clientele, them they should mind the health and safety of their workers too.”
Aside from the department store located in Makati, The Landmark Corporation, owned by Enrique Cheng, has two other branches situated in TriNoma, Quezon City, and Festival Alabang, Muntinlupa.
The Landmark has yet to comment on the complaint on social media, which has since racked up almost 10,000 reactions and over 13,000 shares.
Featured Image via Facebook/jennifermaranon
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