Lana Del Rey Spoke to Elon Musk About SpaceX: ‘It was one of the best days of my life’

On Monday, singer Lana Del Rey premiered her latest single “
Lowe asked Del Rey about her interest outside of music:
“What about interests outside of music? Would you like to go into other arts, other areas, explore other things? Because you’ve been making an album and touring, making an album and touring, and I know that is the primary passion — but obviously, to inject some kind of energy, some kind of enthusiasm, people try other things.”
Del Rey revealed her love of tech:
“I do have other interests, but they’re not really artistically related. It’s more tech stuff from the last ten years, I kinda got that from my dad.”
“Are you in the IP business?” Lowe asked.
Del Rey replied:
“Not exactly … for instance, what Elon Musk is doing with SpaceX, things like that. Just seeing where we’re going, because technologically, we’re advancing so quickly, I don’t want to miss any of it. I feel like we’re on the cusp just the way they were in the ‘60s, but in a different way.”
“Have you had a chance to talk to Elon about it?” Lowe asked.
Del Rey replied with a nonchalant “Yeah.”
“Wow, what was that like?” Lowe asked. Del Rey revealed:
“Amazing … it was one of the best days of my life.”
Del Rey also spoke on her working relationship with James Franco, bribing paparazzi and how she keeps a low profile when she doesn’t tour.
Truly, seeing Elon Musk and Lana Del Rey hang out would be one of the best days of anyone’s life.
h/t: The Verge
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