Former Miss Asia Contender Stuns the Internet After Becoming a Hong Kong Police Officer

Former Miss Asia Contender Stuns the Internet After Becoming a Hong Kong Police Officer
Ryan General
July 17, 2016
Lam Tsz-kwan, a beauty pageant contestant-turned policewoman is dividing Hong Kong netizens after her story went viral last week. 
The 2009 Miss Asia contestant and former local TV personality surprised many of her countrymen when she was revealed to be among the 2016 graduating class from the Hong Kong Police College. According to Coconuts Hong Kong, Lam Tsz-kwan joined 33 other police trainees and 239 students in the rites held on Saturday.
Emerging at the top of her class, the 25-year old Lam was given the prestigious Silver Whistle award in the ceremony. The award highlights not only the student’s marching and shooting ability, but also accomplishments from police training. Recommendations from a police-training instructor and from a senior officer were also considered as requirements, and then rounded up by a final interview.
“A burning flame that yearns for integrity is present within each and every one of our hearts,” said Lam in a video uploaded by the Hong Kong Police Force on its Facebook page.


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Posted by 香港警察 Hong Kong Police on Saturday, July 9, 2016

Discussing her experiences in the police school along with fellow award winner Li Tsz-ki, Lam recalled that while she felt some challenges in keeping up with her the studies, she shared how she managed to overcome them eventually. She said she even did training sessions regardless if the weather was hot or freezing.
But while her success is indeed quite noteworthy, what Hong Kong netizens have been most curious of is her sexuality. In a recent interview with Apple Daily, Lam was quick to shut down questioning that veered into her sexual orientation.
“I do not owe you any explanation as I am no longer a front stage artist; nor am I obliged to answer too many of your questions. Thanks again. Bye bye!” she politely said.
Lam Tsz-kwan is now looking forward to serve Hong Kong by”putting what she’s learned” in school into practice when she hits the crimefighting frontlines soon.
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