Ladybeard and Japanese Idol Reika Saiki Team Up for Chun-Li Cosplay

Ladybeard and Japanese muscle idol Reika Saiki have recently teamed up to cosplay Chun-Li, the female martial artist and Interpol officer from the hit fighting game “Street Fighter.”

Ladybeard, an Australian stunt actor whose real name is Richard Magarey, is a professional wrestler and entertainer in Japan. In case you didn’t know, he used to lend his metal growl for the two-member idol group Ladybaby in the past.

Saiki is also a professional wrestler in Japan on top of being a popular muscle idol. She gained massive internet attention internationally after her cosplay of Chun-Li went viral.

Together, their combined muscle reminds all to never skip leg day.

The muscular duo, famously known both in the idol scene and pro-wrestling world as Deadlift Lolita, has recently announced their plan to take their act worldwide, with Taiwan as their first travel location.

They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for their upcoming performance, and to also boost their charm, according to Grapee.

Both Ladybeard and Saiki will be joined by equally unique idol group DESU RABBITS on this tour.

Check out some of their other pictures below:

Images via Twitter / Ladybeard_Japan

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