Japanese Comedian Slays Lady Gaga ‘Rain On Me’ Parody

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Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe has created a music video parody for “Rain On Me,” a single from Lady Gaga’s latest album “Chromatica” featuring Ariana Grande.

Watanabe, 32, describes Gaga as “a mother-like presence who envelops me in a cosmic way,” according to Billboard.


Watanabe felt the need to create a parody of “Rain On Me” after seeing it on its release in May.

She recruited fellow 29-year-old comedian and “America’s Got Talent” Season 14 contestant Yuriyan Retriever, SoraNews24 reported. They both performed in front of a Japanese landscape instead of skyscrapers.

The music video parody, which is Watanabe’s first entry into her series of parody videos, was directed by J-pop video director Daisuke “Nino” Ninomiya after the country lifted its state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video still practiced COVID-19 precautions, with all the backup dancers sporting facemasks or face shields. A glass divider was placed between Watanabe and Retriever.

“I sensed that the way to make this as funny as possible would be to do it as precisely as I could,” Watanabe said about making the music video parody. “I love impersonating people, so I was meticulous about the details. As my personal project, this parody music video captures my effort to perfect the quality of a single impersonation.”

The video, which was first uploaded on July 25, has already amassed over 5.2 million views as of this writing.

Some YouTube users called it a masterpiece and should not be labeled as a parody because of how well-executed it was.

Watch the original video below.


Feature Image Screenshot via NAOMI CLUB

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