Theater Shows Film of Mom Drowning Her Children Instead of ‘Detective Pikachu’, Traumatizes Kids

A theater in Montreal, Canada has caused quite a panic after a member of staff played the horror movie “The Curse of La Llorona” instead of the movie they intended to play, “Detective Pikachu,” leaving dozens of kids crying and upsetting parents.


Ryan George, a producer for Screen Rant’s YouTube comedy series “Pitch Meeting,” was at the theater when the horrible mix up happened. According to George, the theater first played out the “Annabelle Comes Home” trailer, and was then followed up by the “Joker” trailer, then “Child’s Play.”

George was able to document the whole event in his live tweet where he said that children were crying when the theater showed the “Annabelle Comes Home” trailer.

As soon as the Annabelle Comes Home trailer ended, you could hear a few kids crying,” George told Gizmodo. “When La Llorona started, it was pretty quiet in the theatre—everyone still thought it might still be Detective Pikachu.”

“The Curse of La Llorona” is a movie based on a Mexican legend about the ghost of a mother who drowned her children. Instead of seeing family-friendly pocket monsters, the kids and their family witnessed a film about a child-snatching ghost.

When the image of the mother drowning her kid showed up on screen, several people left the room to go warn the theater staff,” George said.

Five minutes after many people complained, the theater finally stopped playing the horror movie. Employees of the establishment later apologized and directed the remaining audience to another theater where they were playing “Detective Pikachu.”

Featured images (left) screenshot via YouTube / Warner Bros. Pictures, (right) screenshot via YouTube / Warner Bros. Pictures

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