Japanese Sightseeing Train Will Be Designed Like a Wooden Kyoto House

Japanese Sightseeing Train Will Be Designed Like a Wooden Kyoto House
Bryan Ke
December 17, 2018
A rail service in Japan is set to offer a unique luxury experience with its detailed interior design, which is inspired by wooden townhouses commonly seen in Kyoto before the 1950s.
The new rail express, known as Kyo-train GARAKU, is a second-generation version of the Kyo-train that will take passengers between Osaka Umeda and Kyoto Kawaramachi stations, Grapee reported.
The interior design theme, “Japanese Modern, Kyomachiya (wooden townhouses in Kyoto),” will give passengers the full immersion as they travel between the two stations.
The train will come in six different carriages all with their own seasonal theme.
The first carriage offers an autumn feel, complete with maple leaves. The second carriage carries a winter theme complete with bamboo. Carriage three will have a more classic theme with cherry blossom spring, while summer is represented by hollyhock. Carriages five and six will boast micro-seasons: early autumn’s susuki grass, and early spring’s plum blossom.
In addition, the company installed circular windows in the carriages and added mini Japanese gardens to make them more visually relaxing.
While the interior of the train looks luxurious, passengers don’t need to pay for a special ticket or make reservations. The ride will only cost about 400 yen ($3.53).
Kyo-train GARAKU is set to make its first departure in March 2019.
Images via atpress
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