Man Responsible for Fatal Anime Studio Fire Reportedly Claimed They ‘Stole’ His Book Idea

Man Responsible for Fatal Anime Studio Fire Reportedly Claimed They ‘Stole’ His Book Idea
Bryan Ke
July 19, 2019
The motive behind the tragic Kyoto Animation arson was reportedly his stolen work and the security system of the office building was turned off on the day of the attack.
Reports say that as the 41-year-old unnamed suspect was being taken away by the police, he was heard shouting pakuri, a Japanese term used to describe plagiarism, according to SoraNews24.
Other statements also said that the man was heard saying, “They stole my novel, so I set the fire.”
His words suggest that his work might have been used unfairly or some of its details copied by Kyoto Animation.
However, investigators said that the arsonist was not a former employee of the animation studio.
It was revealed that on the morning of July 18, the company turned off its security systems because there were visitors expected to come in for meetings.
A security measure installed at the building’s entrance required employees to scan their ID card before they could enter. But it was shut down to make it less of a hassle for the incoming visitors.
It is unknown if the arsonist was aware of what time the security measures would be turned off.
The recent attack, which reportedly took the lives of 33 employees and injured dozens more, is being called the worst fire since the start of the Heisei Period (1989).
However, the deadliest fire in recent history occurred during 2001 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood, where 44 people died.
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