Guy Ditches Girlfriend After He’s Accepted to Y Combinator, Then Realizes it’s Fake

Several weeks ago, Kurt Braget submitted a Y Combinator Fellowship application for his startup, TopChart. Yesterday, TopChart received an acceptance letter to the prestigious startup accelerator program, and Braget rightfully celebrated, but not everything would turn out as it seemed.

In a post on Medium, Braget detailed what happened after he was “accepted” to YC, including one investor’s offer to give him $50,000 after hearing the good news and breaking up with his girlfriend.

“Today, I got an acceptance letter, saying they would call me to set up a meeting. I was laughing. I called everybody to tell them. My friends, family, investors. One investor tried to give me $50,000 over the phone.

An hour later I got a rejection letter, after I broke up with my girlfriend, told my landlord to fuck off (just kidding, but that would’ve been funny), I received a rejection letter from YC. Then I realized the email was fake.

Whoever this guy/girl is that sent this out probably scraped them from somewhere, since YC assured me they weren’t hacked. Either way it’s pretty fucked up, although I admit it’s kinda funny too.

If you feel really bad for us, come use our site and help us keep pretending we got in.”

Here’s the fake Y Combinator Fellowship Acceptance letter Braget received.

A word of caution to all startups: always double check on good news or investments — there are trolls out there intent on destroying dreams.

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