Chinese College Charges Students if They Flush the Toilet Too Much

Students at Kunming Health Vocational College in China are given electronic passes to toilets as a means of saving water.

The preloaded cards are swiped to access toilet facilities. According to Chuncheng Evening News, each student has a water limit of 3,000 liters a month. Flushing beyond this volume will incur additional charges.

The college is located in Yunnan where episodes of drought have been battled for years. The new system was established in response to relevant provisions of the province, Yunnan Online cited.

One professor said the limit is enough under normal circumstances of use.

Apparently, the system is attracting mixed reactions from netizens. Commenters over Weibo expressed:

“This is normal, we have to pay for school water.”

“Very good, at least to improve students’ awareness of water conservation.”

“Very reasonable, unless you are shit king.”

Some were more suspicious and worried of the smelly consequences:

“Water conservation on one hand, while the other can be disguised charges! This skill is in place!”

“Won’t this encourage students not to flush the toilet?”

“To a mountain of feces…”

Not completely independent, college students are considered a special group in China and some argue that water conservation should become their lifestyle.

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