Kung Fu Master Pulls Seven Cars Using Just His Testicles

Kung Fu Master Pulls Seven Cars Using Just His Testicles
Ryan General
By Ryan General
April 4, 2017
A kung fu master in China recently broke his own record by successfully pulling seven cars using his testicles.
During a public display of a bizarre testicular prowess on March 30, martial arts expert Ye Wei used his balls of steel to move a row of Audi cars for 26 feet.
According to the Daily Mail, the well-attended event took place in Zibo in Shandong Province. Through the amazing feat, the 39-year-old Ye successfully outdid his personal record set last year in which he pulled five cars.  
In the video, Ye’s fans and supporters can be seen cheering him on as he attached a rope connected to the seven Audi cars to his prized assets. Channeling all his strength through his sturdy genitals, Ye was able to move the seven vehicles, which weighed a total of 12.6 tons.
Ye called the ballsy technique the “Xi Sui Gong”, which he claimed is a wellness routine practiced by the Taoists to improve their fertility. He even has his own martial art he calls Tai Chi Zen, which is a combination of Tai Chi and Taoism wellness programs.
In an interview, Ye claimed that he had been practicing kung fu for around 30 years, working as a principal for three martial arts schools through the decades. Ye also practices Hung Kuen, Shaolin Kuen, and even Thai boxing.
An expert at the Department of Urology at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has expressed his support to Ye’s genital-flexing regime.
“Xi Sui Gong could help cure or prevent urinary incontinence as the exercise trains the pelvis and muscles around the thigh,” Dr. Chen Yu told Apple Daily.
He advised that stimulating the testicles reportedly has many sexual health benefits, as it helps with premature ejaculation and extends sex endurance. The doctor, however, cited some negative effects of the practice, including the possible bending of the penis or some peeling on the testicles’ skin.
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