‘Comedians’ Sing Racist ‘Kung Flu Fighting’ Song No One Asked For

kung flu

A group of “comedians” attempted to create a parody of Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” by singing “Kung Flu Fighting” in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The tone-deaf video was shared by Chrissie Mayr, a comedian and the host of “Wet Spot” on Compound Media.

“More sympathetic celebrities to help us through the #coronavirus outbreak,” Mayr wrote in her caption.

The video is a parody of a concept started by Israeli actress Gal Gadot who invited several Hollywood actors and actresses to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon.

However, in the parody, rather than sending a positive message, the “comedians” changed the lyrics of “Kung Fu Fighting” to “Kung Flu Fighting.”

In the thread, Mayr tagged the other people featured in the video, including the official human resources handle of Compound Media.

Social media users were appalled by the display of racism in the video, while others ridiculed the use of the word “celebrity” in the caption.

One comment called out Mayr for the racism in her post, which brought out a rather unsurprising reply.

Other comedians also gained their 15 minutes of fame by conducting a racist stunt online.

In February, Matt Rife was blasted online after saying that “everyone at the Oscars watching to see if the cast of ‘Parasite’ coughs” during the historic moment.

Last week, Terrence K. Williams posted a Twitter video where he “accidentally” referred to the coronavirus as the “Ching Chong Virus.”

Feature Image Screenshot via @ChrissieMayr

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