China’s Biggest Rap Hit Right Now is About Noodles

Kris Wu

Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu dropped a music video of a catchy rap song about noodles last month that has become a mouth-watering hit. 

The track was a riff on a previous impromptu rap he performed for noodle shop patrons as part of a variety show episode that aired in 2017. According to Sixth Tone, Wu was widely mocked by netizens for the original lyrics that go: “Look at the noodle, it’s long and thick — just like the bowl, which is big and round.”

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The former EXO member released the music video for “Big Bowl, Thick Noodle” on Chinese video sharing site Miaopai back in April.  In just a few days, the unlikely hit generated over 90 million views.

“I never believed the bowl could make you happy, but that was my intention, so maybe it’s God’s will,” are lyrics in the video. In the clip, Wu is depicted as a legendary Chinese swordsman dancing alongside anthropomorphized ingredients inside a bowl of noodles.



The tasty track has slurped up praise from Chinese netizens and social media influencers alike. 

Wang Sicong, the billionaire heir to the Wanda Group, took to social media platform Weibo to express his appreciation of the song.

“This song is truly great, and Kris is a real man,” Wang wrote.

TV host He Jiong also praised Wu for being “such an interesting guy.”

The popularity of “Big Bowl, Thick Noodle” has even resulted in a sudden spike of noodle consumption. 

Chinese food-delivery app revealed that after the song’s release on April 19, over 90,000 bowls of noodles were ordered on the platform.

Some customers even made it clear what drove them to order with over 3,500 users adding the Wu’s popular catchphrase “skr” as a comment to their orders, while another 1,000 wrote, “Sorry Kris.”

Even rapper After Journey was not immune to the hypnotic charm of Wu’s latest hit.

“This viral song made me hungry by midday,” he wrote in a Weibo post. “But when I called (a restaurant) for some spicy noodles, I was told there were already 60 people in line ahead of me!”

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