Male K-pop idols enlisted in military go viral for dance cover of NewJeans’ ‘Hype Boy’

dance conver military
  • K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans, who recently debuted in July, already have many K-pop idols dancing to their hit songs “Hype Boy” and “Attention.”
  • A few viral clips circulated online Tuesday showing male K-pop idols in the military performing a dance cover of “Hype Boy.”
  • The clips have amassed millions of views, with many netizens praising the idols.
  • SF9‘s oldest member Inseong and ONF members E-Tion and J-US were the focus of the clips. They and a few other enlisted idols have been busking for the last few weeks as part of the Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo.

From serving in the military to serving viral content, a group of currently enlisted male K-pop idols showed off their skills with a dance cover of “Hype Boy” from rookie K-pop girl group NewJeans. 

HYBE’s newly debuted K-pop act NewJeans became a hit over the summer, with many idols performing their “Hype Boy” choreography on social media. 

Several clips from Oct. 18 in particular have gone viral across varying online platforms, garnering millions of views.

Netizens were swift to praise the idols. 

One Twitter account called “BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN KPOP” wrote, “those kpop idols getting viral while performing hypeboy by new jeans in the military.”

“Im sorry this looks so funny,” wrote another Twitter user. “Grown men in military uniforms dancing to hype boy LMAOO i love them”

The idols depicted in the clips are SF9‘s oldest member Inseong, who enlisted in March and joined the military band, and ONF members E-Tion and J-US, who enlisted with their Korean bandmates in December 2021. Other idols seen in the clips are Spectrum’s Jongchan and dancer Kim Namwook.  

The group have been busking for the last few weeks as part of the Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo. Some of their other performances have included their own tracks, like SF9’s “Play Hard” and ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful,” or SF9 leader Youngbin’s cover of BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU.

While some of SF9’s members are enlisted, the other members churned out a summer comeback with the mini-album “The Wave Of9,” led by the title track and music video “Scream.” 

Meanwhile, NewJeans is reportedly preparing for a December comeback. 

In related military news, K-drama actor Nam Joo-Hyuk will begin his service in December. HYBE also announced earlier this week that all seven members of BTS will serve their military conscriptions, starting with Jin after the release of his solo single “The Astronaut.” They plan for the K-pop act to regroup in 2025. 


Feature Image via @Aight88

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