EXO Member Reveals Legal Name, Wisely Decides Not to Use it for Acting Career

EXO Member Reveals Legal Name, Wisely Decides Not to Use it for Acting Career
Kyle Encina
September 20, 2017
EXO member Kai exploded onto the music scene with the stage name that he now hopes to carry over to his acting career for practical reasons.
Most South Korean artists who move on to an acting career usually drop their stage names and opt to use their legal names instead.
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While changing a stage name might be the norm for most transitioning musicians, EXO’s Kai does not believe that this step is necessary.
During the September 19 press conference for Kai’s upcoming drama show “Andante”, the singer explained that using a different name he’s known for in his acting debut is “not very important,” according to Allkpop.
“I started promoting with the name Kai so I just believe it’s right to also make my acting debut as Kai,” the singer added.
The 23-year-old actor believes it’s practical to go with the name he’s already known for instead of re-introducing himself using his legal name Kim Jong In.
However, other musicians who also transitioned to acting don’t share the same sentiments as Kai, including fellow EXO member D.O, who uses his legal name Do Kyung Soo in his acting career. Another example is actor Park Yoo Chun, who uses his legal name in his acting career, but is better known by his stage name Micky Yoo Chun.
The change in name might not be such a big deal for Kai, but it has quite an effect on his co-star in his upcoming drama, which is set to premiere on September 24.
According to Soompi, Kai’s “Andante” co-star, Kim Jin Kyung, would feel tense while acting with him since his name holds such a strong presence in music.
Kai would have to make jokes so that his co-star would feel at ease while working with him. For a K-pop star who used to be mistaken as a girl, Kai’s presence seems to be as big in the world of acting as it is in music.
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