How South Koreans Have Fun at EDM Music Festivals

In a recent video, Asian Boss’ Steve went to the Ultra Music Festival and asked people how they have fun — Korean style.

His first main concern was dressing up:

“How should guys be dressed to stand out at a place like this?”

So… it’s about not getting dressed.

But no worries. You can take your shirt off on-the-spot.

Or maybe loosen up as a starter.

But guys should wear something after all. Got it.

“Something unique.”

…While ladies can wear “Touch Free” stickers.

We’re not sure if this one worked, though.

But these gals sure got some moves.

Guys got them too, in their *unique* EDM get-ups.

Steve finally changed his outfit and got to the bottom of it: “Teach me how to have fun.”

“First, take about two shots of liquor, and let yourself go.” Well, it’s a start.

Check out the whole experience below:

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