Korean YouTuber Alleges She Was Sexually Harassed, Groped During Forced Photoshoot

Korean YouTuber Alleges She Was Sexually Harassed, Groped During Forced Photoshoot
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
May 19, 2018
A popular YouTuber in South Korea revealed that she was sexually harassed by 20 men.
In a shocking video posted on May 16, Yang Ye-won confirmed that she is the woman in the nude photos that have been spreading online since May 8, before breaking silence on the chilling history behind it.
The story begins three years into the past, when Yang, then in her early 20s, was putting her hopes on becoming an actress.
She then stumbled upon a part-time job as a “fitting model,” where she had a studio interview and eventually signed a contract.
Yang agreed to model for five photo shoots. The director allegedly said that it will have a “normal concept,” with “varying concepts” of which one will be “sexy.”
“It’ll be a shoot with a normal concept. There are going to be varying concepts and one of them will be sexy. Celebrities try varying concepts all the time. Since you want to start acting, we will shoot the expensive profile photos for you for free,” Allkpop quoted the director as saying.
But to Yang’s horror, none of the shoots were close to normal.
She entered the studio with locks on all the doors and 20 men behind cameras.
As it turned out, she would have to be nude.
Yang claimed that the director threatened her later, telling that she could be sued and prevented from being an actress.
“All these people paid to be here. They can sue you for compensation (if you don’t follow directions). And I’ll also block you from becoming an actress,” he allegedly said.
In a disgusting turn of events, Yang was forced to take off her clothes, do vulgar poses and subject herself to groping.
To make matters worse, the men became violent when she refused to perform their requests.
A sobbing Yang recalled:
“I thought to myself that I might be raped and dead if I don’t follow along. So I just continued, trying to get out of here alive. I smiled when they told me to smile, I made finger hearts when they told me to make hearts, I opened my legs wide, stuck my tongue out, held my breasts, and pulled down my underwear when they told me to.
“I’m having trouble breathing, my hands are shaking, and tears are rolling as I recall the nightmare. Please help me. Please spread this so people know that things like this really happen and we can prevent more victims. Please, save me.”
Yang’s video, titled “I’m a victim of a sex crime. Please listen to my story,” has raked at least 2.9 million views in just two days, with many expressing their support for her brave revelation.
Meanwhile, others took the initiative to launch a Blue House petition, calling for justice on her behalf — including former Miss A member Suzy.
As of this writing, at least 155,000 people have signed the petition, which seeks 200,000 signatures by June 16 (30 days) to invoke the government’s attention, according to Soompi.
In their defense, the studio in question argued that Yang’s allegations were false and that she signed the contract, adding that the photographers had been told to keep the photos private.
“It was all done under the contract [we had] with Ms. Yang, and [the studio] insisted that they never pressured her nor touched her body,” a spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, Twitter users commented:
You can check out the petition for Yang here.
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