Korean Women Try Real Italian Food For the First Time

Korean Women Try Real Italian Food For the First TimeKorean Women Try Real Italian Food For the First Time
What do Korean women think about Italian food?
In a new YouTube video, Digitalsoju TV gathered six Korean women to give authentic Italian food a try — and they all had interesting comments.
The ladies sat down on Brera, one of the only authentic Italian restaurants in South Korea, located in Jung-gu, Seoul.
They first tried two varieties of pasta: carbonara and paccheri alla genovese.
According to Digitalsoju, carbonara in Korea has cream, and the noodles are often overcooked. Legitimate Italian carbonara, on the other hand, contains egg yolk, has no cream, and the noodles are cooked al dente.
Meanwhile, paccheri alla genovese, which comes from Naples, contains a sauce made from slow-cooked beef and onions.
The diners were surprised as soon as the carbonara was served, comparing it quickly to the version they’re accustomed to.
The ladies also tried two kinds of Roman-style pizza: margherita and prosciutto. Roman-style pizza is apparently thinner and crunchier compared to the more common Neapolitan pizza.
Some found the prosciutto pizza, which comes topped with dry-cured, uncooked ham, “visually” scary.
Still, one absolutely liked this pizza, giving it a 50/10 score.
Lasagna came next, with Brera’s version coming from its owner’s grandmother’s recipe (lasagne alla bolognese).
The video wraps up with Italian desserts cannoli and tiramisu.
Some of the diners believe that cannoli paired well with coffee and will sell well in Korea.
Meanwhile, authentic tiramisu surprised them for melting right away in the mouth.
“If this is really authentic Italian food, I think other Italian restaurants in Korea need to change their signs,” one commented after the experience.
Another said, “The taste and appearance is totally different. I was shocked!”
Watch the full video below and check out more from Digitalsoju TV here.
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