Disturbing Video Reveals Korean Woman Narrowly Escaping Stalker

CCTV footage has surfaced of the moment when a Korean woman was just seconds away from being attacked by a stalker as she entered her her apartment. 


The woman was entering her home in Sillim-dong, Seoul around 6:20 a.m. on May 28 KST. Just seconds after she went inside, the man raced to push the door back open, however it was already locked. He toggled the handle and continued to stand outside waiting.

The woman then noticed the man and called the police.

Known as the “Sillim-dong Attempted Rapist,” online, he was arrested a day later on May 29 by the Gwangyang Police Station for home invasion, although it is unlikely that the 30-year-old man will be charged with rape charges.

“In order to charge for rape, there needs to be violence or threat. It’s difficult to confirm (a rape attempt) just based on the CCTV footage,” stated the police.


However, Channel A News Korea released new CCTV footage from the streets. The video shows that the man was supposedly stalking the woman for some time as she walked home to her apartment.

Featured images via YouTube / 리니지M전담

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