Korean Teen Runs Away from Home to Try and Marry K-Pop Idol Kangnam

The recent episode of KBS2’s “Hello Counselor” sees the story submitted by a father on how his teen daughter ran away from home to Seoul, South Korea in the hopes that she will one day marry her idol, K-pop singer Kangnam.


Both the daughter and her father were featured in the episode, which was aired on October 8. According to the man, the teen had been a huge fan of Kangnam for years starting when she was still in elementary school, AllKpop reported.

screenshot via YouTube / KBSEntertain

It started out as nothing more than a normal affection that a fan has for his/her favorite singer, however, things change one day when the girl openly confessed that she wants to marry the 31-year-old Korean-Japanese singer, whose real name is Yasuo Namekawa.

For many, this fantasy is nothing more but a silly dream, but she took her own words to heart. The 16-year-old fan then reportedly ran away from her home to Seoul where she would take various part-time jobs just to make ends meet and live in tiny and often dirty one-room apartments called Goshiwon or sometimes even at her friend’s house.

screenshot via YouTube / KBSEntertain

To turn her dream into reality, the teen visited a cafe run by singer Tae Jin Ah every day. The 65-year-old artist had made several collaborations with Kangnam in the past.

“I can see Kangnam oppa about once a month if I keep going there,” the teen said.


The singer appeared in the episode as a surprise to the fan, who suddenly burst out in tears after realizing what the production had planned seconds before the big reveal.

screenshot via YouTube / KBSEntertain

Kangnam, after entering the set, bowed down in front of the fan’s father and said, “I’m sorry.” He then later revealed in the episode that he, too, had a troubled past as he “dropped out of high school” and “also ran away from home.”

screenshot via YouTube / KBSEntertain

However, in the end of the episode, Kangnam offered the female fan solid advice, saying, “If you have a dream, please fulfill it for yourself and your family, and not for me.”


Featured image via YouTube / KBSEntertain

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