Korean Teen Who Hates Looking Asian Has Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kylie Jenner

Korean Teen Who Hates Looking Asian Has Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kylie Jenner
Ryan General
January 19, 2017
While plastic surgery is way too common in South Korea, there are still parents who prefer their kids to stay away from going under the knife.
In such a culture, it can quite frustrating for a mom when her daughter becomes addicted to the procedure. Such is the case of a mother featured in Korean talk show “Hello Counselor“, a program where guests share their problems while the hosts and audience members provide their feedback in an effort to solve the issue at hand.
In episode 308, which was broadcast on Monday via KBS 2, a troubled mother brought her daughter to the show because she has become addicted to plastic surgery and got obsessed with transforming herself into a lookalike of American reality television personality Kylie Jenner.
“I have much pride. There’s none in Asia… There’s a foreigner named Kylie Jenner,” she said, “She has a hot figure and she looks exotic.”
kylie jenner
The young woman said she began her addiction at the age of 14 after she underwent a double eyelid surgery. When she asked permission from her mom for another operation, this time a nose job, her mother refused.
She did, however, still managed to get the surgery anyway despite her mother’s disapproval by taking a job in a fast food chain. To save as much money as possible, she even skipped long bus rides and walked the three-hour trips home instead.
The show’s cast members were all shocked to learn the sacrifice the girl went through just to satisfy her addiction to surgery.
At a point in the program, her old photos were shown and the hosts complimented her looks saying she was pretty when she was younger, before the surgery.
She responded to them by saying she looked too Asian:
“I look too Asian. Even though I am an Asian, I look too Asian.”
She then revealed that she wanted more done, including a boob job and liposuction. She has become so obsessed with her looks that she even uses Photoshop for her social media photos to the point that she barely resembles them at all.
In the end, her mom and the hosts gave her much needed advice on her obsession with plastic surgery.
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