Watch: Korean streamer reacts to winning $1.5 million lottery while live on Twitch

While livestreaming on Twitch, a Korean streamer ecstatically burst into tears after scratching a winning lottery ticket worth 2 billion won (approximately $1.5 million). 

Ruruflower, who works professionally as a florist, was streaming from her flower shop called Reuvan Flower in Seoul when she scratched the winning numbers for a lottery ticket. In a clip of the moment posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Ruruflower is seen holding a winning ticket of 2 billion won as she yells out, “I actually got it!” 

“Look at this! What should I do? I’m going insane,” Ruruflower said during her stream. “There were so many days when I wouldn’t receive a single donation, but I still streamed for 10 hours a day because it’s fun.”

The video clip has garnered over 867,000 views and 24,000 likes at the time of this writing.

Following the massive media coverage that Ruruflower received from the viral clip of her win, many online users were left worried that the streamer may be in danger of having her money stolen. 

“I think she needs to be careful about not releasing any personal information about herself,” one user wrote. 

“Now you must be cautious. You’ve disclosed your addresses and your business’ location so now I’m worried that some crazy people will try to find you,” another user commented.


Featured Image: Twitter Dexerto / Twitch

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