Korean Sportscaster Casually Continues Live Broadcast as Blood Gushes From Nose

A South Korean sports broadcaster has caused concern among local viewers after blood started flowing out of his nose during a live show.

SpoTV’s Jo Hyun-il was doing a roundup of the day’s NBA action on Thursday when he suddenly had a massive nosebleed.

Jo’s co-anchor jaw dropped as he soldiered on, even doing commentary while brushing aside the gushing red liquid that poured down his lips and chin.

A clip capturing the dedicated sportscaster’s onscreen bleeding and his partner’s shocked reaction was posted on the network’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

It has so far generated over 1.3 million views and thousands of comments. 

Netizens have collectively praised Jo for his admirable composure during an event that would have most people rushing for treatment.

“Wow such a pro, at least he didn’t jump off the chair and scare the shit out of himself and other with panicking, he finished what he had to say,” one commenter wrote. “Probably he overworked, hope his boss gives him couple days off.”

Others expressed worry about the anchor’s condition.

“Why did no one give him a tissue? If I’m one of the crew I will help!” a netizen commented.

“Can anybody tell me,is he okay? I am uneasy after seeing this video,” said another.

In an interview with South Korean daily Joongang Ilbo, Jo revealed that it’s the first time he experienced such a nosebleed since he was born, reports Dan Kurtz of Korean baseball fan site MyKBO.net.

“He thanked the viewers for their concern,” Kurtz tweeted.

“SpoTV said that they are following legal working hours after netizens were concerned about his workload.”

Featured Image via Facebook / SPOTV

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