‘This Does Not Help’: Struggling LA Korean Restaurant Gets Robbed for the Second Time This Year

‘This Does Not Help’: Struggling LA Korean Restaurant Gets Robbed for the Second Time This Year

December 3, 2020
A Korean restaurant in Los Angeles has been robbed for the second time this year, further crippling the business already struggling with COVID-19 losses.
Chef Kang Sul Box, located at 3881 Wilshire Blvd., was first robbed on March 30 by thieves who operated by distracting employees.
Image via Chef Kang Sul Box
The suspects got away with $3,500 in cash, which was two weeks’ worth of sales. They also stole other valuables, including a wedding ring.
“We were like, ‘Why do these unfortunate things happen back to back?’ My wife’s wedding ring being stolen really brought tears in my heart,” owner John Kang told NextShark.
Over the weekend, the restaurant suffered another robbery. This time, thieves took all their online ordering tablets, a laptop and $200 in cash.
Unlike the first robbery, the suspects were all covered up, as seen in the restaurant’s security cameras. Kang could not identify them.
Image Screenshot via Chef Kang Sul Box
“My restaurant got robbed early this year when COVID first began, and as soon as COVID shutdown starts, another group of thugs breaks through the back door [around] 7 am and robbed the restaurant,” Kang posted on Instagram.
“We are struggling as it is and this does not help. So sad.”
Instagram users offered words of support.
“What low lifes they are. I hope you have insurance. People are struggling everywhere but this is despicable and appalling. I hope they get caught,” one wrote.
Another noted, “While us hardworking people are working all day just to earn some money, these thieves steal other people’s hard-earned money just to buy themselves drugs, or worse, something to wear. These individuals need to get a job or something. Unbelievable.”
Image Screenshot via Chef Kang Sul Box
Kang is urging others to share the news so it can serve as a warning to other businesses.
The incident has been reported to Los Angeles police and an investigation is underway. NextShark has reached out for comment.
Feature Images via Chef Kang Sul Box
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