No, This Korean News Channel’s Backdrop is Not a Green Screen


A Korean news channel’s brilliant use of a rooftop in Hanoi has gained universal praise on social media.  

It is no secret that modern news broadcasts would not be complete without the backdrop of a city skyline.

When Korean television station MBC traveled to Vietnam to cover the U.S.-Korea summit, they found a nice area with a proper view to set up their news desk and cameras.

Instead of settling for the usual green screen or prop background, the Korean news anchors had the actual panoramic view of the capital behind them on the roof of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel.

Hanoi’s real-time fog and evening drizzle made the scenery sparkling and dynamic.


Some applauded the news station’s “realistic” setting.


Meanwhile, others saw the opportunity to throw shade on other news outlets.


As for the Hanoi summit, President Donald Trump has made an announcement that no deal was reached between the U.S. and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He explained that they could not reach an agreement over North Korea’s requests of lifting all existing sanctions.



Featured image via hanoi24h

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