Watch: Korean mom responds to son asking if he could marry a man

Watch: Korean mom responds to son asking if he could marry a manWatch: Korean mom responds to son asking if he could marry a man
via @thekoreanmama
Carl Samson
October 19, 2023
A Korean woman is winning praise on TikTok for her refreshing reaction to her son’s coming out.
What he asked: In the caption of their recent TikTok video, the woman’s son said he first came out to his mother while in his early 20s. This time, he asked her how she would react if he decided to marry a man.
“Mom… What if I got married but it was to a man?”
Her response: The mother, who appeared to be preparing some food, responded positively to her son’s question. She even went further to explain why such a marriage would not be different from traditional ones.
“So what? If you do it, you do it!” she exclaimed.
When asked to clarify, she continued:

“Rather than the old-school way of thinking of husband and wife, it’s more about finding a partner to live this life with. You can also see it that way. Even though [it’s of the] same sex, like a man and a man…[they’re] companions for life. They rely on and depend on each other for their whole lives.”

She then dropped a powerful question.
“If that’s their definition of happiness, who’s anyone to interfere?”
Still, the loving mother drew the line on one thing. In the end, her son asked whether he could get a tattoo.
“No. Unacceptable,” she said.
Reactions: The mother-and-son duo, who go by @thekoreanmama on TikTok, drew over half a million views for their encouraging interaction. Many TikTok users expressed becoming emotional and lauded the mother for her open views on marriage equality.
“Protect this mama at all costs,” one user called.
Another wrote, “She’s the best. A true loving mom. We need a partner in this life. Who cares about their gender?! I want to leave this world with happy kids.”
“Your mom…she’s a very special woman. I’m already sure you know that but you are extremely lucky she is yours,” another noted.
One commented, “I knew she would be so open and loving, though the tattoo question was funny.”
“The tattoo part made me giggle. I love her so much,” another declared.
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