Korean Man Left Beaten in Parking Structure at The Source in OC

Korean Man Left Beaten in Parking Structure at The Source in OCKorean Man Left Beaten in Parking Structure at The Source in OC
A Korean man struggled to collect himself after getting hit, kicked and left on the floor over a parking dispute in California.
The altercation, which was partially caught on video, took place at the parking garage of The Source OC, a shopping complex in Beach Boulevard, Buena Park earlier this week.
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A fight ensues between the “crazy” man and the Korean man at the parking garage of The Source OC. A woman accompanying the “crazy” man tries to break them apart. Image Screenshot via @hjsarahchung
The dispute allegedly started with a man who refused to give way to cars entering the parking garage. As a result, the Korean man honked at him.
“This crazy man was exiting The Source OC parking garage and was supposed to wait for those entering the parking garage first. He didn’t wait and almost caused a car accident, and so the person getting hit in this video, honked at him,” Sarah Chung (@hjsarahchung), who filmed the encounter and posted to Instagram on Wednesday, recalled.
The “crazy” man leaves the Korean man on the floor. His companion is visibly upset after the confrontation. Image Screenshot via @hjsarahchung
The man allegedly became angry after getting honked at. He then made a “crazy” U-turn and followed the Korean man into the garage, Chung said.
It was there when she caught the moment leading to the assault.
The assailant’s license plate reads 1A 850MW. Image Screenshot via @hjsarahchung
“When they got out of their cars, the crazy guy hit the Korean man and kicked him to the floor,” Chung wrote. “He left right away and left the poor man on the floor.”
The witness, who was filming from her own car, also heard the assailant throw an insult.
“The man was struggling to get up and as the crazy guy was driving away, he shouted ‘STUPID ASIAN,’ which I couldn’t get on video,” Chung noted.
Some suspected that the Korean man actually spat on the “Middle-Eastern guy’s face,” but such the claim was not captured in Chung’s video as she was passing by another vehicle.
Chung is asking others to share her video to help find the man. Some believe that the man is from Idaho based on his license plate.
“If he’s saying Asians are stupid, then why the heck is he coming to the Asian plaza with full of Asians? Source OC is owned by a Korean. Dummy,” one user questioned.
Another criticized witnesses, “The fact that no one got out of their car to stop this from happening is disgusting. It’s good to film this stuff to educate people on racism and make sure others are aware that racism happens and it can happen to Asians too. But seriously, put your phone down for like two seconds, get out of the car and do something about it.”
Feature Image Screenshots via @hjsarahchung
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