Korean Internet Star Told to ‘Go Out’ and ‘F*ck You Korean’ at Restaurant in Japan

Korean Internet Star Told to ‘Go Out’ and ‘F*ck You Korean’ at Restaurant in Japan
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
May 3, 2017
Korean video jockey Kim Min-sung was the target of racial slurs after a man hurled derogatory insults at him during a trip to Japan.
The Korea Times reported that the incident occurred in Kyoto on April 29, when Kim, also known as BJ Minsung on Internet broadcaster Afreeca TV, tried to enter a restaurant as he filmed using a selfie stick.
Kim opened the door and nicely asked the patrons and employees, “Is this Izakaya (a restaurant or a bar)?
He received a few laughs followed by someone muttering “No Korean”.
But as he was about to leave, a man told him to “Go out” and “F*cking Korean”.
There have been a number of recent cases where Korean tourists face discrimination and harassment in Japan, according to Allkpop.
Kim became infuriated as he walked away, telling his viewers: “I am swallowing my anger because I do not want to escalate this into a fight. I wanted to say something back to the guy but my Japanese is not that fluent.
He added: “I wanted to say it’s because of f*ckers like you that Japan gets cursed at… but I was patient because I really don’t want to end up at the police station.
The incident has since gone viral after being posted on YouTube, where Korean and Japanese fans alike expressed their anger towards the man in the restaurant.
This is very shameful and sad,” a Japanese Twitter user reportedly said. “A real patriot does not make any racist comments to foreigners.
One viewer on YouTube translated their comment, saying: “I’m so so so so sorry about it. Please don’t think there are many such stupid racists in Japan. Please don’t hate Japan. And we really hope you’ll meet good Japanese in this trip.
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