Korean Internet Star Attacked By Racist Troll in Japan … Again

Korean Internet Star Attacked By Racist Troll in Japan … AgainKorean Internet Star Attacked By Racist Troll in Japan … Again
South Korean video jockey Kim Min-sung seemed to be a favorite target of racist attacks by some prejudiced Japanese.
Just months after experiencing discrimination for trying to enter a restaurant in Kyoto, the former actor also known as BJ Minsung, was once again berated for being Korean while he was filming himself on a subway platform in Osaka.
Minsung was reportedly doing a live broadcast when a man approached him and began shouting swear words, according to Insight (via Koreaboo). While the internet star initially tried to ignore him to avoid confrontation, the stranger continued to pester him with foul language.
“He first gave me the middle finger as he said ‘Shut up, f*cker’,” Minsung recounted.
Eventually, Minsung was forced to confront him since he refused to stop harassing him. When he asked the man what he was trying to do, the man threatened to take him to the police. As Minsung began addressing him in fluent Japanese, the man was momentarily taken aback. After stating his response, Minsung decided to simply walk away.
In the video, Minsung revealed that he has experienced racist attacks multiple times in Osaka just because of where he comes from. He noted that while many Koreans experience the same prejudice from strangers in Japan, it rarely gets reported as most of the victims do not want to get banned from the country. Minsung then expressed that Japanese authorities tend to protect locals over foreigners.
The attack enraged many of  Minsung’s fans at home. His calm handling of the situation, however, received praise from many Korean netizens.
Feature Image via Youtube / 민짱테레비 [bj민성]
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