Korean Internet Cafe Becomes Instant Hit After Hiring Cute Worker

Korean Internet Cafe Becomes Instant Hit After Hiring Cute Worker
King Malleta
By King Malleta
April 3, 2017
An episode from a Korean public service program called “Mind Issue” recently tackled the correlation between physical appearance and profit from businesses.
On their first episode, hosts Shin Hyun Joon and Jung Jun Hoo visited a couple of establishments to find out whether the physical beauty of workers really affected earnings of businesses.
After they visited a PC café located in Dongtan, they were able to justify claims that good looks also attract good money, thanks to the shop’s part time worker named Jang Hyun Seo.
The owner of the PC shop claimed that the pretty worker increased their profit by 5% because male patrons from the city come in just to see her.
According to Koreaboo, the owner of PC café said that some men even request selfies with her while others order food so that they can interact with the pretty employee even for a little while.
In Korea, physical beauty is paramount and first impressions are considered to be very important. A previous report from World Crunch showed how obsessed Koreans are when it comes to improving their looks as a way to advance their careers.
The same approach can be said about businesses that hire attractive looking workers like Jang Hyun Seo, who serves as the shop’s other attraction.
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