Korean Guy Picking Up Girls is Proof That a ‘Fobby’ Accent is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

As an Asian man growing up in America, girls around me would constantly talk about how they found certain accents “sexy”.
In high school, one of the biggest limiting beliefs amongst my friends from Asia was that they wouldn’t be able to find love outside of their race. They thought western girls would be turned off by their “fobby” accent and were ashamed of it.
Well folks, one man in Korea is out to prove the doubters wrong. In a video he uploaded sometime last year, he ventures out trying to pick up western girls with his limited english.
“Although Asian guys want to be in a relationship with western girls, the guys think that it is impossible because they believe that western ladies don’t like Asian guys.” he said in the video. “The guys won’t even approach the ladies if they are not good at speaking English. Let me find out if something who suck at English like me could get a number from western ladies.”
The man uses all the classic cheesy pickup lines known to man. To be fair, he wasn’t always successful.
But, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.
What’s your excuse? Watch the video in full below.
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