Impressive Garlic-Peeling Hack is a Life Changer for Anyone Cooking Asian Food

A Canadian woman claiming to make a lot of Korean food has won the internet after sharing an unbelievably quick and convenient method of peeling garlic.

Over the weekend, Twitter user @VPestilenZ posted a video of herself demonstrating the kitchen hack, which has since received over 15 million views and thousands of comments.

The technique, which uses a knife, involves stabbing each clove of garlic and pulling it out of its skin.

As seen in the video, each clove is pulled and separated from the rest in one direction.

“As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!”, wrote @VPestilenZ.

Unsurprisingly, the technique impressed casual home cooks, even professional chefs and celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen.

It’s unclear what Korean dishes @VPestilenZ — who is actually a game developer — often prepares, but we’d love to see them (with some garlic-peeling, of course)!

Needless to say, many were struck for missing the ingenious hack for so long:

Featured Images via Twitter / @VPestilenZ

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