Korean food exports to display ‘K-Food’ logo to boost brand recognition

Korean food exports to display ‘K-Food’ logo to boost brand recognitionKorean food exports to display ‘K-Food’ logo to boost brand recognition
via MAFRA Korea
Ryan General
July 12, 2023
In a bid to enhance the global brand recognition of Korean agricultural products, the South Korean government has introduced the addition of a “K-Food” logo on its exported goods.
Strengthening global presence: The government-certified logo will be prominently featured on the packaging of export goods starting July 12, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
The Korean government aims to make it easier for consumers worldwide to identify and distinguish Korean products from their international counterparts.
For the initiative, the ministry secured trademark rights for the K-Food logo in 27 countries, including major markets such as the European Union, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia. 

Symbol of quality: According to the agency, the logo will serve as a symbol of quality and reliability, fostering consumer trust.
The initiative will reportedly not just benefit large, established Korean brands but also small and medium-sized local players that want to expand their customer base overseas by leveraging the K-Food logo.  These producers may use the logo on their packaging as well as marketing materials to better promote their products.
Five-year growth plan: Korea’s agricultural and livestock product exports reached a record value of $8.8 billion last year, showing a gradual increase from $6.9 billion in 2018. With the introduction of the K-Food logo, the government projects to achieve a target of $15 billion in agricultural exports by 2027.
The ministry also announced a five-year growth plan that includes establishing 15 “K-cuisine belts” aimed at promoting tourism and exports. In addition to kimchi, traditional foods, beverages and cooking ingredients, including soju, makgeolli and other sauces, will also be promoted for export.
Small market players were also promised “government funding and investment opportunities” to allow them to become more competitive.
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