South Korea to Debut First Indian K-Pop Idols in New ‘International Groups’

South Korea to Debut First Indian K-Pop Idols in New ‘International Groups’South Korea to Debut First Indian K-Pop Idols in New ‘International Groups’
Ryan General
January 21, 2019
A South Korean entertainment company has launched the world’s first international “K-Pop group” with members chosen from different parts of Asia.
Z-POP Dream, set up by Zenith Media Contents CEO Jun Kang, revealed its two project groups, Z-Girls and Z-Boys, on Thursday.
Z-Girls consists of Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Priyanka, Queen, and Vanya. A secret seventh member has yet to be announced. 
Meanwhile, Z-Boys consists of Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry, Roy, and Sid. As with the girl group, a seventh member is set to be announced soon.
Notable members include Carlyn Ocampo, who went viral online for her dance covers of Momoland’s “BBoom BBoom” and “Baam!” and Mavin, who is an Indonesian pop star. He debuted as a member of B FORCE, a group known for doing K-pop covers.
“Through Z-Pop Dream, we intend to start up a concert brand that will unite Asia as one,” Kang was quoted as saying. “These Z-pop stars are a collaboration between this Asian unity and K-pop stars. We will become a platform to promote them and help them become world stars, as well as a platform where Asia can become one through cultural exchange.”
While Z-Pop Dream has yet to reveal which country each member represents, some fans have indicated that Bell is from Thailand, Carlyn is from the Philippines, Joanne is from Taiwan, Priyanka is from India, Queen is from Vietnam and Vanya is from Indonesia.
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As for the Z-Boys, observers have posited that Roy is from Vietnam, Mavin is from Indonesia, Josh is from the Philippines, Blink is from Thailand, Perry is from Taiwan and Sid is from India.
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Members of both groups are scheduled to make their debut in a special concert called “Z-Pop Dream Live In Seoul” on Feb. 23, 2019.
Z-Pop Dream first made headlines last year after it announced its bid to find the next big K-pop star via blockchain, Soompi reports.
This project’s website stated that its business model “has star creation business and global online monetization platform.”
“On one side, the proceeds from the ITO will be used to accelerate creating infrastructure for this star creation business, and on the other hand it will create a global online monetization platform, which will tokenize the revenue opportunities generated by the star creation business, including concert tickets, merchandise, online content and admission to exclusive events,” the site further noted.
The group behind the project has secured the first project operation partnership with the Philippines’ state-owned TV broadcast station People’s Television Network Inc. and local media outfit Viva Entertainment Inc.
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