Korean Couple in a Long Distance Relationship Find the Perfect Way to Be ‘Together’

Long-distance relationships are incredibly tough and even unbearable at times.

However, long distances can also bring out the beauty in relationships that are able to withstand anything life throws their way. One Korean couple surely knows that the things worth having in life do not come easy.

The lovers created a series of connecting photographs to show distance cannot come between them. Danbi Shin, who is based in New York, and Seok Lik, based in Seoul, created collages for their project titled “Half & Half.”

The collaborative artist duo known as ShinLiArt are interested in connecting with their audiences through everyday art.

Though separated by a 14-hour time difference, the lovebirds kindle the fire in their relationship by snapping everyday photos while on video calls with each other.

The couple have also won admirers on Instagram.

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