Korean Tech CEO Sparks Outrage After B‌e‌at‌i‌n‌g Former Employee in Viral Video

Korean Tech CEO Sparks Outrage After B‌e‌at‌i‌n‌g Former Employee in Viral Video
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 31, 2018
A South Korean tech CEO has sparked outrage after a video of him b‌er‌ati‌ng and be‌at‌in‌g a former employee surfaced online.
The CEO, Yang Jin-ho, of K-Technology and WeDisk, recorded the video himself in April 2015 as a “souvenir,” according to Newstapa.
The abuse allegedly occurred after Yang discovered that the employee had pretended to be him in an online comment, the Korea JoongAng Daily reported.
The CEO reportedly tracked down the employee’s IP address before summoning him to the office.
In the video, Yang can be seen sla‌p‌ping and pu‌nc‌hin‌g the employee as other workers carried on in the background.
At one point, the employee is also seen getting down on his knees in an apparent forced apology.
The former employee, who now lives on a remote island, said that he moved out of Seoul because he could no longer bear with the humiliation he felt after the a‌ss‌a‌ul‌t. He also kept silent about the attack over fears of Yang’s wealth and influence.
In addition to the incident, reports also surfaced that Yang required some male employees to dye their hair red and green for his amusement, forced them to drink large amounts of alcohol without bathroom breaks, and made anyone having the urge to vo‌m‌‌it do so at the table.
Yang’s cr‌ue‌lt‌y extended to animals as well. He was reportedly seen sh‌oo‌ti‌ng chickens with a bow and arrow and de‌ca‌pita‌ti‌n‌g them with a Japanese sword for his entertainment.
Ahead of the recent scandal, Yang has been under p‌oli‌c‌e inv‌estig‌at‌ion for distributing p‌or‌nogr‌ap‌hy and other illegally-taken se‌x videos online, the Korea Times reported.
In the wake of the latest exposé, another former employee claimed, “He was like an emperor within the company. His company was his kingdom.”
Korean netizens commented on the matter:
“What a horrible person!”
“This is scary. What are the c‌op‌s doing?
“He should be investigated. There might be other victims.”
“I’m sorry for the poor guy could not do anything to defend himself.”
“I want to see him have his taxes investigated, be isolated from society, and be deprived of all wealth and property.”
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