Korean Beauty Brand Does ‘Blackface’ on Someone’s Hand For Nail Polish Ad

Korean cosmetic brand Stylenanda has come under fire after making a hand appear darker for its 3CE nail polish ad.

The product, “layering nail lacquer,” is a pair of polishes applied on top of each other.

The ad in question showed a soft orange variant that supposedly complements light and dark skin tones.

Apparently, people noticed that the darker hand’s palm is uncommon in reality.

Image via Twitter / @MissDarcei

The undersides of the hands and feet of all humans are covered by a thick layer of dead skin, according to Popular Science.

This reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that penetrates down to living layers which consequently stimulate fewer melanocytes — cells responsible for the complexion.

Image via Twitter / @MissDarcei

Netizens had to give their own palms a check:

Others slammed the brand:

Stylenanda, which L’Oréal acquired earlier this year, took down the photos and offered an apology following the backlash:

However, copies remain printed on the product’s packaging.

Image via Facebook / 3CE
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