Korean Barista Takes Latté Art to the Next Level

A Korean barista has been winning love on social media for his beautiful latté art creations that make customers whip out their phones in a heartbeat to take photos before sipping.

Meet Lee Kang-bin, the owner of café C.Through which is based in Seoul, South Korea.

His Instagram profile, which currently has at least 188,000 followers, has become a virtual museum of artsy masterpieces ranging from classics to anime to celebrities.

He even does 3D!!

He’s oppa-material too, if you haven’t noticed already.

You may question whether all this beauty would be edible, but Lee makes a point in every post that his creations are totally for drinking, according to Asian Crush.

He even holds one-day classes for aspiring latté artists, too!

Check out more of his work below:

It seems Lee’s business is easily giving other coffee stops a run for their money, but who doesn’t want their faces on their coffee?

Quench your thirst on Lee’s Instagram page here.

Slay, Lee!

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