Korean Teen Who Got Into All Four U.S. Military Academies Proves Asians Aren’t All Nerdy

Korean Teen Who Got Into All Four U.S. Military Academies Proves Asians Aren’t All Nerdy
Ryan General
January 27, 2017
An Asian American teenager from Virginia has achieved the rare feat of an academic grand slam for having received appointment letters to all four of America’s military academies.
Timothy Park of  Fairfax, Va. was recently granted admission to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY, the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, and the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.
Just saying it’s a tough accomplishment would be an understatement. Such a feat, while almost similar into getting into every one of the Ivy League schools, requires an additional difficulty of acquiring a congressional nomination.
Park told USA Today how rare it is to getting into all military academies.
“It’s about one percent, if not less, of the whole country,” he said, quoting one graduate.
Park also revealed that he was inspired by his own family’s service in the military.
“I’m following up the legacy of service my grandfather started,” he was quoted as saying.
His grandfather Eugene Park, who was a child during the Korean War, would later grow up to become a doctor, offering free services to Korean War veterans in the U.S.

“What he said is that he had a debt of honor he wanted to repay,” he narrated.
Currently, Park’s dad is serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, a fact which may influence his eventual choice. He may end up choosing West Point, the academy which has been commissioning Army officers since the 1800s.
Although he worked hard for it, Park still finds his accomplishment incredible. 
“It’s honestly, almost a miracle,” he said.

The young Korean-American humbly looks at the opportunity as intimidating, but of course, we all know he will be fine.
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