Korean-American Snags Lead Role in RomCom Featuring a ‘Blasian’ Couple

Korean-American Snags Lead Role in RomCom Featuring a ‘Blasian’ CoupleKorean-American Snags Lead Role in RomCom Featuring a ‘Blasian’ Couple
Carl Samson
April 21, 2017
A Korean-American man has won the lead role in a new romantic comedy movie that’s currently winning praise for its racial representation.
William Jeon will star alongside black actress Stacey Malone to make up the lead couple in “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife”, which looks be as hilarious as it sounds. It’s said to be the US’ first movie in 17 years to feature Black and East Asian leads.
The film, which ranked in the top 15% of scripts in the Austin Film Festival and became finalist in the Beverly Hills Screenwriting Competition, revolves around a married couple who sought affairs online after getting upset with each other. However, little did they imagine that they would end up matching together.
Jeon, who works as a pharmacist when not acting, will play Sungmin, a “brilliant artist who loves volunteering, comics, & rocking out.” Meanwhile, his wife Lashonda (Malone) is a “driven CEO with a passion for Korean food & K-Pop.”
According to YOMYOMF, Jeon was among nearly a hundred applicants who auditioned for the role, which specifically required a Korean-American. Jen Finelli, the film’s writer, said, “It just shows Hollywood’s lying when they say they can’t find solid Black or Asian talent for leads. Next we’re looking to disprove the lie that diverse films can’t survive financially.”
Fortunately for Jeon, his character looks pretty relatable. “When I first read the description [for the part], I was like, ‘Are they spying on me? This guy sounds just like me!'” he recalled.
The film currently needs support from more people to get things rolling, however. If you’re thrilled to see #blasian back in the big screen again, head over here.
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