Korean-American Filmmaker Says He Will Never Apologize For His BTS Plastic Surgery Claim

Korean-American Filmmaker Says He Will Never Apologize For His BTS Plastic Surgery Claim
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 15, 2018
After earning the collective ire of global fandom “ARMY” for mocking the members of K-pop supergroup BTS, Korean-American director Joseph Kahn responded via Twitter that he will never apologize for what he deemed was a “joke.”
Kahn had earlier shared some controversial remarks on the band members, accusing them of undergoing plastic surgery.
“They all have plastic surgery. They are all wearing lipstick. This is what Crazy Rich Asians actually look like,” Kahn wrote along with a photo of the group on Friday.
According to Nate, furious fans took to social media to react to his post, with many returning the insult:
“Yeah well you need some plastic surgery… too bad your original face is so trash it’ll be hopeless,” one fan wrote.
“Even if he got plastic surgery, he’d never look as good. Why do Asians put each other down but are too afraid to put other foreign singers down? As if there’s any American singer who hasn’t gotten plastic surgery? Or is it that fellow Asians are just easier targets? “ commented another.
“What a loser. Idiots like him in America are the worst. They don’t dare say a word to white people and they really believe they’re white too and put other Asians down,” said another.
In response to the online backlash, the 45-year-old filmmaker posted some tweets on Monday and Tuesday, saying he was merely joking but pointed out that he will never apologize.
“I tweeted a joke about BTS and apparently it became national news in Korea lol. I wish my Trump jokes had as much power. Never take any tweet I say seriously unless it has the official serious tweet logo at the end of it: ⚠️,” he wrote.
“And all of you will get roasted by me at some point. And no, I’ll never apologize. Suck a dick,” he added.
Featured Image via Instagram / josephkahn (Left), bts.bighitofficial (Right)
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