Drunk Korean Fitness Model Arrested After Allegedly Biting One Man, Assaulting Another

A South Korean actress and fitness model has been arrested for allegedly assaulting two men while intoxicated last week.

Ryu Se-bi, 30, allegedly bit one man in the neck and kicked him in the shin, while she slapped the other in the face for trying to intervene.


According to the police, the incident took place outside a club in Gangnam, Seoul on Friday.

Ryu, who was “highly intoxicated,” allegedly approached first and demanded a cigarette from one of the men.

Image (Screenshot) via YouTube / BerryTV

Due to her condition, an acquaintance was called to fetch her from the police station and send her home first.

Despite ongoing investigations, Ryu, however, already prepared settlement for the victims and will soon reach out in person, according to Sports Seoul.

Image (Screenshot) via YouTube / MUSCLEMANIA X MAXQ

Ryu first rose to fame as a fitness model, competing in multiple international bodybuilding events such as Musclemania Las Vegas in 2018.

She also appeared as an extra in several TV shows, including “Quiz From God 4” (2014) and “Triangle” (2014), according to the Korea Times.

Image (Screenshot) via Instagram / bootyfullsebi

Ryu has since made her social media accounts private, including her Instagram page.

Featured Images (Screenshots) via YouTube / MUSCLEMANIA X MAXQ (Left) and SBS 뉴스 (Right)

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