More step forward to accuse Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk of bullying after his agency denies claims

More step forward to accuse Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk of bullying after his agency denies claimsMore step forward to accuse Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk of bullying after his agency denies claims
Jane Nam
June 30, 2022
More alleged victims of bullying have stepped forward after popular South Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency released a statement on Wednesday vehemently denying previous allegations.
Last week, an anonymous source told media outlets that he had been bullied by the actor in both middle and high school. 
On June 22, Nam’s agency Management Soop released the company’s “official position” on its Instagram, vehemently denying the bullying accusations in a five-paragraph caption.
The statement began with an apology for their delay in responding to the claims, explaining that they wanted “to confirm the facts.”
“The contents were not at all true,” insisted the agency, going on to condemn media outlets for not doing “a single fact-check” prior to publishing.  
Soop also stated that it would be taking legal action against the outlets and the alleged victim for claims of what the company described to be “seriously damaging” to the actor’s reputation. 
Fans commented, praising and thanking the agency for siding with the actor: 
“Thank you [Soop Management] for your immediate response, very grateful and thankful for loving and taking good care of Mr Nam Joo Hyuk” wrote one user with prayer and clapping hand emojis.  
On June 28, however, another alleged victim stepped forward with more details of bullying.
He shared that, “Nam Joo-hyuk always made me turn on my smartphone hotspot and took my phone without my permission to use it. He used my phone to buy game items. Since my parents pay the bill, I asked him to pay me back for the money he used on my phone. But he said, ‘Why do I need to?’ I never got that money back.”
Whenever Nam’s classmate refused, the actor would allegedly “make a ring” in the middle of the classroom along with his friends and force the alleged victim to fight with another classmate of their choosing. 
Nam would also force the alleged victim to carry out errands, such as buying snacks and returning “in three minutes.”
The classmate also added that he originally tried to “stay strong” and think of getting his revenge by having a good job and living a better life, but when he saw the news reports of Nam suing the alleged victim’s friend, he “decided to step up as well.”
“I want Nam Joo-hyuk to admit his past wrongdoings and stop his activities. It’s really painful every time I see him on [TV].”
In response, Management Soop tolds news agency Sports Kyunghyang, “We have checked on the informant’s claim, and all the claims are groundless.”
The entertainment company also asked that outlets try to “understand” the “hurt” experienced by the actor and his family with the accusations. 
Currently a brand ambassador for Dior Men with over 18.5 million followers on Instagram, Nam remains one of the most popular young faces in the K-drama world. 
The actor gained widespread popularity for his lead role in the Korean drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.” He has since also starred in “Start Up” and, most recently, “Twenty Five-Twenty One.”
Soop Management has several notable actors under its label, including Gong Yoo (“Squid Games”), Choi Woo-sik and Nam’s co-star in “Twenty Five-Twenty One,” Suzy Bae. 
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