Korea Has Incredible ‘Healing’ Cafés That Need to Come to America Immediately

Korea Has Incredible ‘Healing’ Cafés That Need to Come to America Immediately
King Malleta
May 2, 2017
There’s a new type of cafe emerging in Korea that aims to provide one thing to their customers — a great nap.
While many cafes sell varieties of coffees or even offer hangouts with various animals, these new cafés want you to try and get some rest. This trend is inspired by data collected by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development which claims that most Koreans are deprived of sleep.
There is an increasing number of over fatigued Koreans partly because they work long hours. A student from Gangnam, Korea named Lee Ji-hyun confessed that he is constantly in need of more sleep and therefore looks for a café where he doesn’t have to sleep while sitting up on a chair.
According to The Korea Herald (via Asia One), this demand is met by Mr. Healing Café which managed to successfully expand to 47 branches in just two years. Customers who purchase beverages from the café can rest on big massage chairs inside the shop where they can relax for up to an hour.
“The customers vary from people who come alone to couples, friends, families, travelers — simply anyone who needs a break in their life,” said the manager of Mr. Healing Myeong-dong branch, Park Hye-sun.
Customers at Mr. Healing can also get one-on-one counseling at the café to learn the best methods to relax and “heal.”
Similar to Mr. Healing, Shim Story brands itself as a “lounge” comparable to a house where you have bedrooms, a living room area and even a kitchen.
“It is a resting place, a ‘lounge,’ not just a sleeping cafe,” said Shim Story manager, Jung Oo-mo.
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