Japanese YouTuber Breaks the Internet With Epic K-Pop Star Makeup

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Kondo Yohdi, a Japanese beauty blogger, has gained a lot of South Korean fans due to his K-Pop looks.

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According to All KPop, Yonhdi’s videos of his Korean beauty product reviews are going viral on community boards in South Korea. One that stands out specifically is his review on Etude House products he published back in June.

After applying BB cream, concealer, and eye shadow, viewers were treated to his idol-like looks, commenting on how he looked like their favorite flower boys.

via Instagram / kondoyohdi

His social media pages feature squealing fans professing their love in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, English, and more — they just can’t get enough of this adorable vlogging sensation!

via Instagram / kondoyohdi

Netizen’s comments included:

“He looks like an anime character.”

“Just look at those eyes!”

“Kondo Yohdi is so good looking, even the way he talks and acts is cute.”

“He looks like Taeyong from NCT.”

via Instagram / kondoyohdi

“Wow, I didn’t know he was mixed, no wonder he has great interest in Korean cosmetic products and writes Korean well.”

“He looks like a younger version of NRG’s Noh Yoo Min.” 

via Instagram / kondoyohdi

Yohdi is reportedly of Korean and Japanese descent. In addition to beauty blogging, he works in Japan as a model and actor.

via Instagram / kondoyohdi

You can follow him on Instagram and YouTube here.

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