Japanese Temple DGAF What People Think of Their Naked Men Bathing Paintings

A temple in Niigata Prefecture, Japan is causing quite the stir for its decision to use erotic art depicting historical and mythical men bathing together while in the nude.


Kotetsu Yamada, the head priest of the Kokujoji Temple, installed erotic art on the temple walls as an attempt to attract younger visitors, particularly women.

He also to move away from the old-fashioned and boring images that would be unappealing to the younger demographic.

The artwork was created by Kyoto-born artist Ryoko Kimura, according to Grapee.

Kimura’s specialty includes the replacement of courtesans and other women usually found in traditional Japanese art with handsome men drawn in anime style.

The art installation features five historical and mythical men in erotic poses that includes Uesugi Kenshin, a 16th century warlord; Musashibo Benkei, a brigand monk; Ryokan Taigu, a Zen master; Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a 12th century general; and a naked Shuten Doji, a drunken demon leader.

While the temple’s new art scrolls have drawn in attention and visitors, the members of the city’s board of education were not pleased by the head priest’s decision to install them without getting proper permission.

Asashi Shimbun reported that the board told the temple to remove the panels and stated that they were inappropriate for children.

Instead of giving in to their demand, the temple firmly said that they would keep the artwork even if it means losing their status as a cultural property.

Images via PR Times

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